Top 5 Gaming Keyboard for Under £100

Top 5 Gaming Keyboard for Under £100

What are the best Gaming Keyboard for under £100?

Here we go again with another tech review, we search all headsets on offer so you don't have to. There is so many different options these days with so many different functionalities it's hard to know which one to choose. This particular list will focus on the Budget and entry level headset, perfect for someone new to gaming. These are Glitchtech Gaming's Top 5 Gaming Keyboards for under £100.

5) HyperX Alloy Origins Gaming Keyboard

Starting our list of the Top 5 Gaming Keyboard for under £100 is the HyperX Alloy Origins.

The HyperX Alloy Origins is a compact, sturdy keyboard featuring custom HyperX mechanical switches designed to give gamers the best blend of style, performance, and reliability. These key switches have exposed LEDs for stunning lighting with an actuation force and travel distance elegantly balanced for responsiveness and accuracy. Alloy Origins is built with a full aluminum body so it stays rigid and stable when keystrokes are flying, and also features keyboard feet that let you choose from three different tilt levels. Its sleek, compact design frees up space for mouse movement, and it also features a detachable USB Type-C cable for supreme portability. Customize your lighting, craft macros, and adjust Game Mode with HyperX NGENUITY Software. This powerful, yet easy-to-use program lets you set per-key lighting, layer dazzling lighting effects, and add scores of other personalized touches to your NGENUITY-compatible products.

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4) Corsair K63 Wireless Gaming Keyboard

In the Number 4 spot of our Top 5 Gaming Keyboard for under £100 is the Corsair K63 Wireless.

With up to 15 hours of rechargeable battery-powered wireless, or connect via USB wired for uninterrupted gameplay. if you trade in the illuminations you can get up to 25 hours at low brightness or 75 hours with backlighting off. Connect using ultra-fast 1ms 2.4GHz gaming-optimized wireless technology, low latency Bluetooth wireless, or USB wired. Iron fortress like Wireless Encryption 128-bit AES encryption mode helps protect your keystrokes from wireless eavesdropping to keep your personal data safe. This is a keyboard for those ready to make that first step in seriously upgrading our set up due to its relatively steep selling price.

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3) Corsair K55 RGB Pro XT Gaming Keyboard

Taking the Number 3 spot of our Top 5 Gaming Keyboard for under £100 is the Corsair K55 RGB Pro XT.

with Dedicated Volume and Media Keys you have more than Convenient control for media playback and fine-tuning volume on-the-fly without having to interrupt your game, making gameplay as smooth and organic as it can be. Dynamic Light up your desktop with ten onboard lighting effects or customize your own vibrant lighting effects with CORSAIR iCUE software to give it a little bit of personal fair. The soft rubber palm rest eases stress on your hands so you don't have to strain in them long winded campaigns , with a textured surface to keep your hands from slipping, allowing total control. This is one of our personal favorites and strongly believe this is a great first keyboard for someone who's looking for a solid capable keyboard, built to last, that isn't going to burn a cash shaped hole in their piggy bank.

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2) Logitech G413 Gaming Keyboard

Up at Number 2 of our Top 5 Gaming Keyboard for under £100. The Logitech G413.

One thing we know about Logitech is that they sure are good, and they don't stray from that trajectory with our slightly more pricey and beastly. Out-performing other gaming keyboards, the Logitech G413 is purpose built for pro-grade performance, responsiveness and durability with Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Alloy: Finished with sleek, high-grade materials, the G413 gaming keyboard boasts minimal design with the features gamers need. Gaming is more precise and sophisticated than ever with integrated media keys, programmable keys durable for 70 million presses. It is simply a beast.

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1) SteelSeries Apex 5 Gaming Keyboard

Taking the top spot in our Top 5 Gaming Keyboard for under £100 the SteelSeries Apex 5.

A technological marvel, "RTINGS" exceptional gaming keyboard truly is breathtaking. Here's a list its basic features and ask yourself, "are these really basic features?". Hybrid Blue mechanical gaming switches, uniting former foes on either side of the community. The smoothness of membrane and the satisfying click and toughness of the mechanical combined to create the best of both worlds

OLED smart displays presenting profiles, game info, Discord messages, and more.

Aircraft grade aluminum alloy frame built for a lifetime of Unbreakable durability. Also anything "Aircraft Grade" speaks for itself and is 100%woth buying at any extent.

Unmatched customization with 16.8 million illumination colors per key, so I wouldn't worry about not feeling special anymore.

The premium magnetic wrist rest provides full palm support and comfort keeping you cozy on them late night raids.

You see how this couldn't miss out on the spot of top dog, at a relatively cheap price of £90 and that's not even getting close the high-end price range, it has it all for in the grand scheme of things next to nothing. And that's why its GlitchTech's number one Gaming keyboard for Under £100, check out our other Ranked lists and be sure to read our other blogs for similar content.

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