A Beginner's Guide To: PC Gaming

A Beginner's Guide To: PC Gaming

With the arrival of 2020, you may have gotten a brand new gaming PC for Christmas, or maybe want to try a new hobby for the New Year. You might have decided to treat yourself to something from our amazing store. However you got your new machine, you may be at a loss with where to start, after all, you have the entire internet at your fingers.


#1 - The Setup

Your PC setup can vary in size depending on how much you want to spend. A basic setup will require a PC, a mouse, a keyboard, speakers/headphones, an internet connection and at least one monitor. I say at least as some people have more, here at Glitchtech HQ we have two dual-monitor setups, these are advantageous as you can run two different windows at the same time without changing the ratio of the window, maybe you want to browse some of our latest blogs while watching some YouTube? Have Spotify open while playing some Counter-Strike? (Check out our Beginner's Guide here). Most people have a microphone for online play as well, either headphones and a tabletop microphone or a headset with a built-in one. Speaking of online play...


#2 - The Games

One of the most important parts of a gaming PC, the games! Steam is one of the most popular platforms, there are a large array of free games if you want to start off with something like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or the classic Team Fortress 2. Steam also offers it's famous Summer and Winter Sales, known for lowering games to extraordinarily low prices. Xbox has it's own app that lets you play between your Xbox console and PC, and even lets you transfer your save files with certain Xbox Game Pass Games. Epic Games also has it's own launcher and offers new free games for a week long period, be sure to pick them up!

Download Steam Here!

Download the Xbox App Here!

Download the Epic Games Launcher Here!


#3 - The Specs

Some gamers swear by only the best machines, like our high-end Intel i9 NVIDIA PC shown above, and only playing at 4K with 120FPS gameplay, if you're only just starting off, 1080p and 60FPS will do just fine. Our mid-range PCs will easily surpass these standards.


Ready For Battle...

Now you've got the basics nailed down, you're ready to get into the world of PC Gaming, if you came to see what the world of PC gaming could be like, why not check out our store? It might just be your best purchase yet!

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