A Beginner's Guide To: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A Beginner's Guide To: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Recently, I started playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and quickly realised there was A LOT of things I needed to pick up on. There are loads of factors to think about, like map layouts, callouts, which weapons are best to use and more. Today's blog will talk you through some of the important things you will need to learn to play CS:GO effectively.

#1 - Maps & Callouts

CSGO Dust 2

One of the most important parts of teamplay in CS:GO is learning maps and callouts. Each map has drastically different layouts, meaning different areas and routes that enemies can come from. Being able to call out an enemy's location is necessary when communicating with a team so you can give out a constant stream of intel to keep the team updated on which angles to peek or which areas are safe to move through. A headset is advantageous to give quick callouts and not take attention away from the game, or you can use the in-game chat which is generally less effective but can still get the message across.


#2 - Weapons


There is a large array of weaponry for you and your team to kit yourselves out with. In CS:GO's buy menu, there are 6 options: Pistols, Heavy, SMG, Rifles, Equipment, and Grenades. Pistols and SMGs are generally used as early game weapons for when you haven't built up much cash but are good in close range combat. Heavy weapons are LMGs which can be used to hold down an objective but can be highly inaccurate, Shotguns are also in the Heavy category which are also highly inaccurate but can do major damage at very close ranges.


Rifles are the main category a lot of players use, as they are highly accurate, you can purchase automatic rifles like an AK-47 or FAMAS, each with unique recoil patterns to be learned, and are excellent for mid-range combat. You can also access sniper rifles such as the AWP which is a one-shot kill at any range with a head or body shot, or the auto snipers (G3SG1 (CT) or SCAR-20 (T)). Grenades are quite self-explanatory and give you choices such as the smoke or flash grenades to disrupt enemy sightlines, or friendly if you make a bad throw, making them very powerful in the right (or wrong) hands. Alternatively, High Explosive and Incendiary grenades can be used for area denial. Equipment consists of body armour so you can soak up more damage, a defuse kit for the Counter-Terrorist side to defuse the bomb quicker, or the mighty Zeus x27 taser that can score a one-shot kill in the right hands.

CS:GO Zeus x27


#3 - Modes

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive there are two sections to the multiplayer, Competitive and Casual. Competitive consists of Competitive mode, a 5v5 best of 30 rounds match, and Wingman, which is a 2v2 mode consisting of a single bomb site and is good for quick games. Both of these modes have friendly-fire and can offer a skill group ranking. The casual modes consist of different objectives like Demolition which consists of a single bomb site or Deathmatch which offers instant respawns for quick engagements, or less serious modes like Flying Scoutsman, a low-gravity snipers-only mode. Danger Zone is another casual mode that is CS:GO's version of a Battle Royale mode.

CS:GO Casual on Dust 2


#4 - Skins

StatTrak AK-47 | Neon Rider

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you can gain skins at the end of games, or occasionally gain a crate to get a randomised skin. These skins have their own market in the community and some of them can be worth hundreds, even thousands of pounds, the community uses either cash or crate keys as currency to buy these. Crate keys are used to open crates and can be bought using real currency, lots of crates to have to be opened to get some of the rarest skins which is why they can cost so much money.


Ready to deploy...

Now that I've covered the basics, you are ready to jump into the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. While you're on your way to Global Elite status, why not check out our Elite PC Bundles?

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